About us

Transitions Hospice Care

We’re honored to provide individualized, compassionate care to people with serious illnesses through symptom management, education, and support.

Patient services

Nothing is as satisfying and rewarding as helping people in their time of need. That’s why we follow the best healthcare practices, provide resources and information to ease distressing experiences, and offer support to the patient as well as their loved ones. 

A man wearing a stethoscope speaks to an older couple
A nurse clasps hands with an older woman

Caring staff

Our goal is to offer comfort and loving care that allows a loved one to have the best last days of their life possible. As long as they need that level of support, it’s our calling to do everything we can to be there for everyone involved. 

Our history

Even at the beginning, Transitions Hospice has always been a healthcare company that always puts its patients first. This commitment has never wavered over the past 20 years. In that time, we’ve only grown in expertise.

Hands are shown wrapped around an older person

Veteran Owned and Operated

Transitions Hospice is committed to recognizing the service and sacrifice of America's Veterans. As a partner in the "We Honor Veterans" collaboration, we provide specialized care, recognition, and volunteer support, including Veteran pinning ceremonies. We also offer opportunities for families and communities to celebrate and honor their loved one's service through media and social channels.

Meet Our Founders

Thomas Franklin and Edwin Hirsch are veterans who began their careers of service to our nation when they were West Point classmates. They have often said that of all the things they have done  in their professional careers, nothing is as satisfying and rewarding as helping people in their time of need.

Thomas P.G. Franklin

Thomas P.G. Franklin holds a BS in Engineering from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a law degree from the University of North Carolina. After completing law school he was admitted to the bar in Missouri and North Carolina and began his legal career as an associate counsel in a private law firm. Tom moved into the corporate world as an attorney and has worked in a variety of fields including home health and hospice care. Tom founded THC after previously serving as the Chief Operating Officer of a 500-patient hospice care provider serving Georgia and South Carolina.

Edwin Hirsch

Edwin C. Hirsch

Edwin C. Hirsch holds an Engineering degree from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and continued graduate studies in Computer Science and Business Administration at the University of Texas, Old Dominion University and Northeastern University. Ed is a disabled veteran. He serves on the Elite Service Disabled Veterans Business Owners Network as well as the State of Maryland Governor’s Council for Veterans Affairs. Ed is a cofounder of THC and serves as a financial advisor and Chairman of the Board.