Patient Services

Hospice Care

Hospice is a specialized type of care with a compassionate approach for those facing a life-limiting illness, as well as their families. 

Pain Management

Transitions Hospice’s number one goal is to control pain and other symptoms so patients can stay alert and enjoy life to the fullest extent possible. 

Equipment & Supplies

Transitions Hospice provides all medical equipment related to the hospice diagnosis. This may include a hospital bed, wheelchair, oxygen, etc.

Spiritual Support

The spiritual needs of patients and families and the process of grieving are intimately tied together. Our goal is to meet individuals where they are on their unique spiritual journeys.

Domestic Support

A Hospice Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.)  provides basic personal care for the hospice patient. They will often be the team member who spends the most amount of time with the patient and their family

Bereavement Services

To provide relief to surviving family members and friends, we offer ongoing bereavement services and follow-up to help answer their questions, manage their grief, and support them both spiritually and emotionally.

Social Workers

Hospice Social Workers assess emotional and spiritual needs, assist with financial concerns and legal matters, provide direct counseling, assist with end-of-life planning and help facilitate communication between the family, health care professionals and community agencies.


Transitions Hospice will provide volunteer services to those patients and families that request one. Our volunteers receive special training in ways they can assist patients and families, including running errands, household chores, or simply sitting with a patient. 


Our works help patients manage their medication, and supply the appropriate medication that is related to the hospice diagnosis. With medications that are required but not related to the hospice diagnosis, the Case Manager and Physician will still handle the daily management of those medications.

Your questions, Answered

How much does hospice care cost?

If you have Medicare, your hospice care could be covered 100%.