The Importance of Hospice

May 27, 2024
Cindy Ferguson, RN

Why is hospice so important? Our lives are categorized by milestones, birth, graduation, college, getting married, children, jobs, retirement, etc. But what about end of life? Death? It is just as important as all the above. The dying process can be smooth or rocky. Hospice’s goal is to make that journey as smooth as possible. As a Hospice worker we are often asked how do you do what you do? The answer is simple, everyone deserves love, support, and the best of care when in a medical crisis. Being allowed to participate during this time of need is a blessing, just as the other milestones listed above.

Hospice is holistic care, mind, body, spirit of the patient and their families. We put your mind at ease by educating you how to care for your loved ones, the patient’s mind is at ease because they know you have support to lean on, an expert to help you. We teach you proper techniques to move and reposition and how to physically care for your loved ones. In turn protects your body and loved one’s body from any injury or harm. Spiritually the family is at peace knowing they have a team of professionals to lean on. The Social Worker, Chaplain, Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistants and Volunteers are all trained to help you with any needs. If we cannot do it, we will find someone who can.

There are numerous other benefits to hospice as well. You receive great in-home care from a nurse every week. You do not have to try and get your loved one with limited mobility in the car to the doctor’s office. We can manage all your routine medical needs. Part of your service is to manage medications. We offer home medical equipment to assist you, such as beds, oxygen, wheelchairs, etc. Our social workers can assist you in finding community benefits, VA benefits, etc.

Our care covers all aspects of your needs, we are professionals, this is what we do day in and out. We hold ourselves up to very strict standards of care for all of our patients and family’s needs. So let us make this a smooth ride in comfortable luxury care instead of a jalopy down a dirt road.